120 students live in our student dorm. The dorm is split up into nine corridors; 11 to 16 students live in one corridor; there is a big shared living room, a kitchen, two toilets, two showers and a balcony. Moreover there are other common rooms in the house.

There are small (roughly 9m^2) and large (roughly 20 m^2) rooms. all rooms are completely furnished (bed, wardrobe, sideboard and desk) and have a sink. The rooms can be complemented with your own small furniture. Every room has an internet connection free of charge.

In each corridor there is a kitchen with a big table, heat plate, oven and freezer. Everybody has his own cupboard shelf and shelf in the fridge. The kitchen is always a meeting point for dinners, cooking or just a cup of coffee. Cutlery is there from older student generations and own cooking utensils are not needed.

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Living room
In every living room there is a big table, couches and a tv. This is where we meet often for comfortable movie nights, meals with your flatmates or just for fun. Recently many of the living rooms have been renovated with new couches and TVs. On the higher floors there is also a balcony leading off from the living room.

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We have a beautiful garden which is cared for by our student gardeners.

The garden is big enough for summer parties and volleyball games. There is also a little, tiny fountain. The bbq is regularly used in summer with large outdoor beer tables.


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Fitness room
The fitness room is located in the basement of the student dorm. It has benches, bars and dumbbells and a table tennis table. Sometimes the room is used for band rehearsals.

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Laundry room
In the cellar there is also a laundry room. We have two washing machines (1.50 Euro per load) and a dryer (1 Euro per load). The clothes can also be hung up to dry for free in the laundry room.


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In WGH there is a small chapel on the 4th floor. This is used at least once per semester in a service.


Study room
The study room has many uses. Firstly, it can of course be used for studying during the semester and exam periods. One has peace and quiet and space to learn. However, it is also used for house events such as the for the Tutor program, Christmas party and other get-togethers. In the room there is a piano which can be used for a small fee (7.50 Euro per semester).


Garage and Bike Room
In the Garage there is room for 14 car spaces, whcih cost roughly 30 Euro per month or which can be hired for a day. Here there is also space for many bikes which can be reserved with your name.


In the foyer there is a copy machine and printer. Printing and copying cost 5c per page and you can also scan for free.



You will find more photos in the gallery!